Monday, September 12, 2016

Media Coverage


Picture : Sohini Pal


Picture : InsEyedout; Flicker : Creative Commons.

Aglet Ink got covered by ET Wealth and The Times of India this year.

ET Wealth

The Times of India


Apart from that, I have been conducting art tours for Seeksherpa, which have been covered here :


The Daily Pao

 (Art walk for lovebirds)

The Scroll


Gulf News

The Hindu


The Hindustan Times


LAMP Fellowship

Education Times

Most recently, I was interviewed to talk about my experiences as a LAMP (Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament) by Education Times

Monday, June 8, 2015

My response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'despite being a woman' remark

1) Despite being a woman, I refuse to be referred to only as someone’s wife, lover, mother or daughter. My capabilities are not defined by my relationships.
2) Despite being a woman, I muster the courage to step out onto the streets and combat misogyny every day.
3) Despite being a woman, I fight for equal rights. At home, in the workplace, and in public spaces .Despite being a woman and despite witnessing injustices, I raise my voice in the din of voices- laden with machismo, in the hope that my voice will not be silenced.
4) Despite being a woman, I leave for work every morning, wanting recognition for my craft and hoping that my choice of clothing will not be met with disdain and moral policing.
5)Despite being a woman, I exercise my right to freedom, my right to love, my right to dream and my right to live a life as freely and as successfully as a man.
6) Despite being a woman, I refuse to let the collective voices telling me to ‘settle down and have children’ get to me. Despite being a woman, I choose to live life on my own terms.
7) Despite being a woman, I refuse to be bullied. I refuse to cower down and let patriarchy dictate terms to me.
8) Despite being a woman, I dare to dream. I dream of a world where women are not extinguished in their mothers' wombs, where girls are not sold and trafficked for money, where wives are not beaten up for exercising their right to choose.
9) Despite being a woman, I demand equal pay for equal work.
10) Despite being a woman, I refuse to be referred to as “the fairer sex.” Despite being a woman, I protest against the misogyny hurled at us by our honorable Prime Minister. ‪#‎Despitebeingawoman‬

Friday, April 3, 2015


I think 2014 was the year I blogged the least. I have to say,2014 was a much better year than 2013 had ever been. I was disappointed in myself (wait,where have I heard that one before!) for professional as well as personal reasons. In 2013 I moved to a city where I had no friends,no support system and a job that had stopped motivating me to strive to do my best. My boyfriend at the time was overly critical and I often felt stifled and cried myself to sleep. I am pretty shy by nature,and all the events that took place made me retreat further and further into my own cocoon.

But looking back to the time that I started by working career (in 2011),I think I have come a long way.I may not have achieved all of the lofty goals that I set for myself,but I can seriously say that I am a healthy,happy, self-aware and well rounded person with a lot more self confidence than I had to begin with.

After many teething troubles and a full year of no writing,

  • I have finally written,edited and sent a short story for consideration. (Insert name if published). I also have an initiative that is completely my own. It's called Aglet Ink and I edit and proofread cover letters,resumes,white papers and even creative copy. I am also determined to teach myself content marketing this year.
  • I took an editing test and passed.I will be editing books for a very well-known publication in the coming weeks.
  • I realised that I am pretty good with transcriptions and am happy to do transcribing work. 
  • I am applying for two very well known fellowships in the coming months
  • In June, I will be designing and teaching an online course on how to write formal business emails.
2015 is the year of travel,trying new things,having fun and letting go.I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for me. I also promise to be as honest as possible in all my blogposts and the things that I struggle with everyday,whether it's work or life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Remembering December 16 2012

Gangrenous intestines. An iron rod.  Gangraped by seven men as her helpless companion looks on and is treated mercilessly. These brutal images have been on the nation’s mind ever since the news broke out.
The girl is 23 years old. Exactly my age and battling for life.
 Like many others from Calcutta, I too, am a young professional who has moved to the nation’s Capital to pursue my dreams. 
This is not the first instance of me living away from home, but this is definitely a city that makes me scared. Scared for my own life. For my own peace of mind. For the dignity and sanity of those around me.
During my first week in Delhi, a broker who was showing apartments to me said that women in this city were raped because they failed to dress ‘decently.’ My mother and I were so disgusted that we decided to approach other brokers instead.
“Are you sure?” my parents said to me, the night before I moved to Delhi “Are you sure you want to move to Delhi? You could just stay here, you know. I don’t feel comfortable knowing that my daughter will live all alone in a city known to be barbaric in its treatment of women.”
I understood my parents' concerns. He was speaking from the vantage point of thousands of parents whose children had moved out of the city, looking for better lives and better career opportunities. As a policy researcher, the Capital of the country provides opportunities to me unparalleled in other parts. Sadly, I cannot say the same thing about the safety of its women and the indignities meted out to them on a daily basis.
The rape of this young woman is symptomatic of a much larger systemic problem. Rape is not an isolated incident. It has never been. During every riot in history, women’s bodies have been used in order to assert power. The problem lies in the attitude- in the thought process. If women are objectified and thought of as property or pawn, this will keep happening. Is it so difficult to imagine or fathom that women are self-actualized human beings- capable of thinking, capable of being independent and being able to make their own decisions?
While walking towards an auto the other day, a young boy walked up to me and said “hello! Hello, how do you do?” I glared at him and looked him in the eye and said, “Don’t talk to me like this.” The boy was dumbfounded and scarpered off. The incident happened in broad daylight, but if I am perfectly honest I do not know if I would have the courage to speak my mind in a city that is known to be trigger-happy.
Only recently, a seventeen year old school girl was shot by a man because she told him not to urinate on the walls of the streets. My first thought when I want to protest is, “What if the person has a gun? What shall I do then?”
We talk of improving legislations; we talk of awareness and safety. I carry a pepper spray in my bag at all times. Even if is very late at night, I always have friends accompanying me to drop me home. We are cautious; we take the necessary precautions. All we really want is to live our lives, to have the freedom to be- to debate, to discuss, to not be harangued every time we step out of our houses.
 Clearly those are freedoms that are too much to ask for.

 [ This is a piece I wrote two years ago, almost immediately after the rape incident.It is a first person narrative account.]

Friday, November 7, 2014

Roast chicken

This is my mom's roast chicken recipe.
Roast chicken pieces .Clean the boneless pieces .
Rub a little salt , ground pepper and lemon juice on the chicken pieces and set it aside .
Fry three or four whole onions and two whole potatoes in their jackets .

Put oil in the pan . Once the oil is hot , deep fry chicken pieces Lower the heat , let it turn brown .
Once done put the fried onions, potatoes , chicken pieces , whole peppercorns , 4 whole garlic pods 4, cloves in a pressure cooker . Put water , add salt to taste close the lid and let it cook.
Once cooked , remove all the pieces in a side dish and let the gravy thicken a bit .


So, my friend A gave me a brilliant recipe for French Toast. Take eggs, milk, and beat the eggs and mix well. Add salt, pepper, chilli powder (and green chillies and cilantro, if you want to add a little heat to it). Fry till crisp and add a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

The tea you see in the picture is cinnamon and cloves tea, and we fried sausages and cut up watermelons and pomegranate to have a hearty breakfast.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My brand new editing business

Hello lovely people , 

This is just an update about my professional writing services. Thanks to your support, I have completed working on ten CVs and cover letters in the past two months. Clients have included senior strategy consultants, CAs, Development Professionals, Law Students and Social Scientists. Starting this month, I am also introducing proofreading and editing services for essays,white papers and presentations. If you know of anyone who would like to avail of these services, please get in touch with me at