Saturday, March 29, 2014

Advice to myself :)

*Your time on this earth is finite. Make it count for something.
*Love and care about your parents
*Believe in something. It could be god or magic or the hope of a social reform. Let  noone else tell you what that belief should be. It is yours, and yours only.
*Let go of things, and people that demean you or insult you. Better still, try to deal with the problems head on. If they seem insurmountable (as they often may be) take a step back and feel. Get away for a while. See if it makes sense later. Is it something trivial that you built up in your head? 
*Make your words count.
*Do more creative things. Let yourself breathe.
*Do not cower under social expectations. They are not the things that you expect from yourself.
*Live. Love. Desire. And if possible, do them in positive fulfilling ways.
*No matter how many times you feel insulted, abused or wronged, look within yourself. What is it that you can change within yourself? Also remember that people are not innately bad. Sometimes circumstances force them to be, and sometimes they are only trying to survive. It is easy and momentarily thrilling to take out one's personal frustrations on another, and we all do it. Do not take it to heart.
*Be sensitive and empathize, but do not let your vulnerability overpower every other emotion within yourself.
*Recognise that nothing will ever be in black and white. There will always be shades of grey. When there is a silver lining in the cloud, do take the time out to appreciate the silver lining.

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