Friday, January 20, 2012


The last year has been extremely hectic and very eventful, to say the least. I had my fair share of struggles, had snippets of fun, fell in love (And HOW) and changed directions slightly, from what I had originally expected. In many ways, it was a year of learning and a year that taught me humility.

From living in London, I am back to living in Calcutta. London was great and a fantastic experience and who knows, I may even go back at some point but for the next couple of months at least, I'm based here. I'm part of a really cool and exciting research project and I love the professor that I'm working with. Like I've mentioned earlier in this blog, I hope to do something public policy related.

As far as  writing is concerned, I haven't written anything that I submitted for publication in a year- except for the Tehelka piece I put up and another Chicken Soup story, this time it's one about my brother. I've decided to write one for every single person I love so yes, I am cheesylikethat. 

Today, I go back to writing a rather serious piece- one that I've been thinking about for quite a while. I hope this year is the year that I really improve my writing skills and craft well told tales. I'm also working on a couple of fellowship/ internship applications, ones that will propel me towards a career in public policy.

What have you guys been upto?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


( Written during my time in London)

The fragrance of the strawberries wafts in the air. Delicate white hands smoothen out the bitter chocolate. Enmeshed with crepes, the afternoon sun seems bittersweet. For an instant, the draught chills their bones. The twinkle of an eye, a gradual grin and softness bursts into song. The moment seems fragile.

The pigeons hover about the marketplace, looking for crumbs. Amidst the drowsiness and the pallor, there is exchange of conversation. Subtly at first, followed by a gush of emotions when they talk about their mutual love for well-worn books.

The tube is crowded. In a whirl of colours, the two find themselves sitting beside each other, eliciting odd stares. They talk about their hopes, their dreams, shattered fragments. They talk about lives lost. He talks about his family, how no one knew where his grandfather was in the aftermath of the tragedy.

He asks her if she misses home. She does, she tells him. She misses the people. She misses her jamrul tree. When she asks him what it is that he misses about home, he says it is the river that flows downstream in Kyoto and the quiet mountains.

They sit down to drink coffee. They discuss samurais and comics books. As the sun begins to set,  two strangers  discover an unknown land that neither can call home. 

Both have fire in their eyes and  wonder in their hearts.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Year resolution this year does not involve any lists. This year I will do exactly what I want and see where it takes  me. Happy New Year all of you. May 2012 be amazing for all of us :)