I think 2014 was the year I blogged the least. I have to say,2014 was a much better year than 2013 had ever been. I was disappointed in myself (wait,where have I heard that one before!) for professional as well as personal reasons. In 2013 I moved to a city where I had no friends,no support system and a job that had stopped motivating me to strive to do my best. My boyfriend at the time was overly critical and I often felt stifled and cried myself to sleep. I am pretty shy by nature,and all the events that took place made me retreat further and further into my own cocoon.

But looking back to the time that I started by working career (in 2011),I think I have come a long way.I may not have achieved all of the lofty goals that I set for myself,but I can seriously say that I am a healthy,happy, self-aware and well rounded person with a lot more self confidence than I had to begin with.

After many teething troubles and a full year of no writing,

  • I have finally written,edited and sent a short story for consideration. (Insert name if published). I also have an initiative that is completely my own. It's called Aglet Ink and I edit and proofread cover letters,resumes,white papers and even creative copy. I am also determined to teach myself content marketing this year.
  • I took an editing test and passed.I will be editing books for a very well-known publication in the coming weeks.
  • I realised that I am pretty good with transcriptions and am happy to do transcribing work. 
  • I am applying for two very well known fellowships in the coming months
  • In June, I will be designing and teaching an online course on how to write formal business emails.
2015 is the year of travel,trying new things,having fun and letting go.I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for me. I also promise to be as honest as possible in all my blogposts and the things that I struggle with everyday,whether it's work or life.