Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fever and an orientation

Today was the orientation for anthropology students and I haven't felt more disoriented in my whole life. I have fever and there was an invisible someone hammering my head throughout the orientation. That's irony for you ( and here, I pat myself on the back for being smug English Literature graduate). However, what was really exciting was how diverse my class is. 
With backgrounds in geography, gender, international finance, history, engineering, psychology, International Relations and English literature, I know that this experience will be an unforgettable one and I'm going to learn tons from my classmates.
I will write more as I go along, but right now I'm really excited.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Settling in

So I've finally made the transition from life in Kolkata to life in London. London will be my temporary home for at least a year and I think it'll take me some time to warm up to the city. If I do fall in love with it, it will be the slow, cautious kind of love and not the intense sweep-me-off-my-feet kind. I've tried a few things though- stood in front of the King's Cross station hoping to turn into Harry Potter (epic fail!), tried to remember the names of every single street on my way to university ( not accomplished that either, but getting better at it), tried to listen to accents and place people ( been pretty accurate at that).
Ma is in London at the moment and because I don't know too many people here yet that's quite a relief. Of course, there are the occasional pangs of homesickness, but I've had the good fortune of meeting up with people I have grown up around over the past couple of days. Also, what really helps are the physical, tangible things, surprisingly.
I have a really snug green blanket now and I have acquired a planner- a moleskin to boot. Let's see if I can actually be disciplined and do well. The prospect of having moved to a completely new country is nerve-wracking.
Sucheta, Sohini and Soumyasree- The Auden, the stole and the earrings are helping tremendously. Thank you guys for being so thoughtful.
I've been really bad as far as writing/ responding to emails are concerned for the past couple of weeks and I'm really sorry. If you are expecting an email from me, I promise to write as soon as I can.
I'm also going to try and carry on with the interview series, depending on how much time I get. In the meantime, feel free to suggest changes/ ask questions/ start a fiery debate. I'm up for pretty much anything! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


                                                                   AT THE FRINGE

Monday, September 6, 2010


                                                        POLLOCK HALLS

                                                          ST  LEONARD'S HALL          

New Found Loves

I'm determined not to make this a list post ( have you seen the number of list posts I've written for the past few days?), but I also thought that it's important for me to write about my Scottish endeavours. I just couldn't write about things as they were happening because I'd probably just end up writing things like Oh my God everything was so amazing! and sound like a kid at a candy store. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to come across as having a little bit more to say than that, so I'll start off by telling you about the new things I'm interested in ( Anyone out there scanning my blog to try and figure out what to give me on my birthday/ other occasions, this is a shameless hint to you) :

I've begun to love Vinyl Records. My creative writing tutor at the University of Edinburgh, the very lovely and very talented Claire Askew would often talk about Vinyls and I actually went into a music store and conversed with the owner for four hours. If anyone reading this blog knows about a gramophone store/ vinyl store in London, delurk and let me know! I couldn't bring a gramophone back from Edinburgh, but I remember listening to Bob Marley on the old gramophone my grandfather owned, before it went Kaput.

Odd looking earrings

I've always liked earrings but I've tended to wear very muted colours and textures. I prefer brash, bold colours and unusual designs now. I'm not sure if this is a phase or something that will pass. I might even put up pictures of some of my jewellery, If I become good at taking photographs.


I've always been a dog person but now I have two cat friends. I love them very much. Both are black and have green eyes. Moral of the story : don't stereotype when it comes to cats.


Again, the obsession with bright colours. My present headband is green, purple and red. I intend to add to this collection.

Green Eyes

This isn't exactly a new obsession, but one that is becoming more and more pronounced with each passing day.

Independent Poetry Collections and Indie Remixes

Self explanatory

Scottish Literature

I will blog about this in detail in forthcoming posts.


Always been kind of obsessed with them. Stay tuned in for the Butterfly Project.

(Picture taken by yours truly at Palanque, Edinburgh).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I need a planner and other things

The one thing I've never been good at ( and whined about for god knows how long) has been managing my time. There are all kinds of ways of wasting time and I think I'm very good at most. I wish I could say that I was equally good at not wasting time, but I don't think I could do that without being a blatant liar.

I've been blaming the jetlag for quite a while now. Even my dog, usually quite understanding, is sick of me listening to loud music till 6 am, after which I am so worn out and fatigued that I must sleep. Add to that a degree of panicking and nervousness about various things and I can't sleep till about eight in the morning.

When I groggily step out of bed at around two, I think to myself,  "What the heck, half the day is wasted already, let me just go back to sleep." Sometimes I meet a friend or two, at other times I'm reading a book. The bottomline, though, is that no work gets done.

The bed remains unmade ( ugh!), books are strewn all over the place, I haven't written in two months- That isn't entirely true- I have written, but haven't published in two months and I have enjoyed every single moment of not-writing.

However,  I do feel like writing again and today, I'm working on something that I've wanted to work on for really long. But from my experience in the last two months, I definitely need a planner.

I'm not complaining about my work not getting done- I'll end up scraping it together five minutes before the deadline- but the lack of discipline ensures that I have little or no time left for fun.

I just realised that I've written an entire blogpost about not-writing, but hey, at least it's a start!