Everyone who knows me outside blogosphere, knows how terrible I am with directions. Ask me to cross a street, tell me to turn right or left and I invariably get lost. The getting lost has been a consistent theme in every city that I have lived in- be it London or Edinburgh or Calcutta (my hometown, no less!) or even Delhi, for that matter.

Knowing that I am terrible with directions also has its advantages. I usually ask more canny people. I try and check out the location beforehand if I have an important meeting. Sometimes none of this works and I still get lost.

The other day for instance, I had a job interview. I looked up google maps and I was well prepared for the interview. I felt proud of myself, even smug. I took a long bath, listened to some happy music and sang on my way to the metro station. I had to be in a good mood for my job interview after all.

Once I boarded the metro, I realised that I didn't even know the address of the office. Thankfully, my friend N managed to retrieve the address for me and I got to the interview on time.

Well, what can I say- I get by with a little help from my friends.


teryvak said…

I identify with this but i am probably way worse. I cant even remember a route i have been travelling for months and now i simply attribute it to a missing part of my brain. :P