I don't like how complicated blogger has become. One of the reasons I used blogger instead of wordpress was because of how easy it was to use blogger. This isn't the cheeriest way to begin a blogpost after a pretty long hiatus. And now, everytime I need to log on to blogger I google "blogger login" and only then do I manage to actually log in. Gah!

Amidst all of this whining, let me tell you that I'm moving cities yet again. This time I am going to be in Delhi.  The sweltering heat here is killing me. I wonder what's going to happen to me when I get to Delhi?

It's just so strange that I ended up going to Delhi after all. The first time I thought I was going to stay there was when I got into LSR, and then came back here to study in  Calcutta. Academically it was a fantastic decision, one I haven't regretted since. Emotionally, maybe not so much.

As trite as this sounds, so much has changed in those five years that I feel like I've been living my life in fragments scattered all over the place. I was a confident eighteen year old absolutely sure about the fact that all I ever wanted was to be a journalist. And my friend A who I've written about so many times over the course of these five years wanted me to be in Delhi. Would be fun, he had said.

And then he finished college, as did I. I moved to the UK and he moved to the states. And now I'm going to be in his city. And he isn't going to be there. The good thing though is that a whole lot of my other friends are. And here's hoping that a city-known to be mean and gritty and harsh- treats me with kindness.