Thursday, July 21, 2011

I will..

1. Get a Phd and teach! 
2. Have 500 published credits by the time I'm 25.
3. Live on all five continents  by the time I am 35.
4. Write A book. Maybe the only book I ever write, but write it. Before I say Bye Bye.
At the moment, all seem so daunting that I decided to post them publicly so I cannot back out.
I'm also tired of not doing things out of fear. Fear cripples me, and I am always second guessing and not trusting myself to do things. And I don't just mean work. I mean life in general.
It affects everything- my work, my personal relationships and I turn into this whiney, clingy thing. The one thing that I used to be proud of was my determination and even that wavered last year. However, the really good thing that came out of it is that I  finally feel like I am enough. I don't need to do things to prove a point.
5. Travel travel travel. Need taka :(
6.  Eventually, be a journalist on the lines of Nick Kristof. Have real impact and try and write about international issues and issues that plague India, specifically. 
7. Have my own travel show about cultures


Debi said...

Hello Reeti! Good to see your blog!

Reeti said...

Hello Miss! What a surprise! :)

dreamer said...

Let me ask you a question.
As a journalist with a background in Social Anthropology, what will be the possible areas of Indian society and culture that will engage your attention?
Also, I am compelled to ask you the question – why don’t you seem to write on issues in India or internationally relevant socio-political developments in your blog? (I fully understand that you have far more important things in life to do than deliberating upon contentious issues.)

I wish I could state my own “I WILL” publicly as you have done.

I am still crippled with fear.

Reeti said...


Thanks for your questions.

Talking about internationally relevant socio-political issues has other platforms- the media ,peer reviewed journals or even another blog that focusses solely on socio-political issues.

I started writing this blog in 2008 and this is really an open scrapbook of sorts and I deliberately avoid contentious issues unless they are absolutely visceral.

About your first question, that requires a blogpost of its own, something that I will get around to writing as Soon as I have the time :)