Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I know all the creative ways to make Maggi now. Does that count as achievement?


dreamer said...

This post is available on blogger itself though the posts "Celebrity" and "Being hopelessly..." are not. You might spot a pattern here.

You should share some of the creative ways of making Maggi with your readers.It is an achievement indeed and in the interests of those who survive on Maggi for astonishingly long periods of time(including me).


Magically Bored said...

Of course it's an achievement! Although I didn't know you could get Maggi in London.

Reeti said...

You don't. My mom packed some 2,000 packets for me in December :P

Minka said...

Had no idea you were a Maggi fan.I tell you, it's the ultimate comfort food. Tried hot, soupy Maggi this time when I was in the hills. Nothing can quite beat that warm, happy sensation!Come back soon...we shall cook Maggi together.:)

Reeti said...

Mrinalini, I miss you So much!

Yes, we will. I'm definitely coming to Delhi :)