Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Love Letter

Well, what can I say? Egypt is free and there's certainly hope for all of us still, as individuals and as communities to make a difference. 

When I spoke to both of you, the one thing that struck me was the disappointment in your voice and tone. There's hope still, and I know it is difficult to deal with living breathing relics of the past. People, places, associations, even non-associations dent the way we see and perceive the world. But it's all too easy to give it up, think that there is no more use and become cynical. You two are amongst the brightest, most beautiful and the kindest women that I know. Don't let these incidents change that. With your creativity, passion, ambition and zest for life, you can have anything...and I mean anything that you want.

I know that both these incidents have shaken you and crushed you, but I also believe in you and I know that you'll laugh this off one day and understand how this does not even fit into the larger picture. Being hurt is never pleasant, but  most importantly, know that there are thousands of other people in the world, who love you, who respect you, and who would go to the ends of the earth for you. 

I know I definitely would.

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