Thoughts, updates etcetera

My sister  mentioned to me during my winter break that I am very filmy. Although outraged at first, the more I think about it, the more I would tend to agree with her. I would want every incident to be neatly tied up, every person in the world to find that one person ( or two or three or four, hey I'm not judging!) that they truly love, and finally, every day and everything should have a happy ending. I suppose that does make me slightly filmy, but I also think that it can all happen without the girl being completely trampled over. Anyway, the point is this-I still see no harm in thinking that perfect loves *do* exist.

My friend Gayathri told me to hurry up and start applying for jobs and internships. The deadlines are all in January. I need to start researching, looking for jobs, internships etcetera. Somebody give me a job!

I also joined a gym. I can now swim. Also, many many cute guys! :D

I am officially neurotic. I am a worry wart and I filled in two notebooks in two days. Writing rubbish. I cannot not work. I am going nuts.