Night Out!

Me all Smiles At Dinner
Posers : Gayathri and I
                                                     Lemons, Mojitos and Guacamole

Gayathri, with her Mojito
Sipping away while waiting for dinner  

What does one do after a long week of feeling rather inadequate and even exhausted? Go to Wahaca, of course! Wahaca is an amazing Mexican Restaurant in Covent Garden and my friend Gayathri and I decided to relax after the stressful week that we both had had at university. The next week is going to be no less exhausting so we thought that we might as well squeeze in some fun while we can. Wahaca was Gayathri's suggestion- we were discussing places to eat and I'd been craving Mexican food for a while so we zeroed in on it. The food is superb and the Mojitos even better. The conversation of course, was extremely random, even by our standards. 

Wahaca is extremely popular and we had to wait an hour and a half to get a table. In the meantime, we drank Mojitos and posed for pictures. As most readers of this blogs ( read- my friends mostly) are aware, I don't usually take pictures. All the pictures here were taken with Gayathri's Iphone. 

Things we ate/ drank- Nachos, Churros, Mojitos, Chilli-flavoured chocolate icecream, spicy mexican grilled chicken, salad. 

I should do this more often.


Magically Bored said…
Nice pictures. Mexican food is always great for stress-busting! :)