Just three weeks before I go home :D

Yesterday, I was supposed to head to the Library ( I have an essay due tomorrow), but I decided to take the day off and go to this bookstore called SKOOB. Skoob has the most amazing collection of secondhand books and I am finally the proud owner of the book The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and an Asterix which is called Obelix and Co.

I haven't read in ages and I live right opposite the British Library ( someone throw a stone at me). This is a good time as ever to turn over a new leaf, and I'll tell you why.

It's been snowing almost every day for the past five days. The streets are covered with snow and in the mornings, the juxtaposition of the white snow and such a big city, is quite bizarre. At night though, it's beautiful- with the maple leaves strewn everywhere and Christmas trees which are lit up with neon lights and decorated with golden glitter.

Also, in the spirit of Christmas, most places are having Christmas parties. Our own department is having one next week and I've actually tasted the most amazing mince pies ever!

I've also tasted churros and Nigerian food for the first time in my life. 

I don't know whether it's just because I'm in a different country, far away from home or it's because I can almost feel certain things that I felt were definitive about me changing.

 I've always thought that I knew what I wanted from life and it always freaked me out to think that I didn't. And now I really don't and I honestly don't think I care. My decisions have always been restrictive and have had too many self-imposed boundaries that are frankly unnecessary. And it took being treated very badly multiple times to actually recognise it, and well, better late than never :) I do know however, that music and performing makes me happy. Really, really happy. Happier than most things.


the Lonestar said…
It's less than three weeks, no? Can't wait to have real good addas over coffee. Get back! :)
Reeti said…
my drink of choice is now Tea. But addas we will have :D
Magically Bored said…
The snow sounds lovely, so do the mince pies. also, Obelix & Co. is awesome! It's totally hilarious. I have it as well. :)
sherene said…
Oh man I never made it to Skoob in all my time there but they often have a stall at the Brunswick Centre Saturday Market... let's make a proper plan and meet next month over coffee...I'm also heading to India soon, whee!