Monday, November 15, 2010

Shiny, new blogpost

The fact that I feel like blogging now is an indication of the fact guessed it right...I have a deadline coming up! I need to write a tutorial essay on Gift Exchange and the meaning of the word gift in different societies. I should have technically done more research on this because this needs to be quite a detailed essay, but here I am, writing this blogpost and preparing for a long night ahead. The essay is quite complicated, so I'm not writing it the night before. I'm only writing it two nights before. Exciting things have been happening, but I'm not sure I should be writing about them on this blog. What if I sound like a braggart? I've actually never felt self-conscious writing on this blog, but some time ago, someone really creeped me out and my honest opinion is that the person is quite an "energy vampire" ( I learnt this phrase in this month's Mslexia) and should really mind (person's) own business.

On the other hand, there are people I genuinely admire and love who read this blog and I don't always get a chance to write them emails or tell them what I'm up to. I guess I will have to take the email route. I do not want creepy person haranguing me again. On the other hand, creepy-person-phobia is stopping me from saying things/ talking about things I genuinely want to talk about.


Alyssa C. said...

It's not bragging when it's on your blog - it's PR/self marketing! And anyone who'd be worth worrying over offending wouldn't see it as such either -- I love hearing good news for other writers I like and never feel jealous! Just excited to read their work when it publishes ;)

Reeti said...

Haha, it isn't about writing this time :P

Priyanka said...

Kick their arse and write about it anyway :)

Magically Bored said...

Creepy people on cyberspace are freaky. I know, which is why I've made my blog private for the time being. Kintu I have no idea what is going on with you. Mail kor!
P.S. - You received my blog invitation, though, right?

Sugar Magnolia said...

Marcel Mauss! :) I also want to know what exciting boast-worthy things are happening to you.

Reeti said...

@ Tuna : yup, received thank you.

@ Priyanka : that's the spirit!

@ sugar magnolia : hardly bragworthy, but just something I wanted to write about. I've decided to write about it anyway :) Stay tuned!