A Comforting telephone conversation and my friends from back home

...is all it takes to get me looking forward to life again, sometimes :)

 I'm not homesick anymore and my life is slowly easing into a pattern. Technically speaking, I have more work than I have had in three years in terms of the academic rigor. But, procrastinator ( someone should ban me from using this word)-err- dill-dally-er that I am, I invariably have piles and piles of reading to do and instead, I'm either curled up under duvet covers and sleeping all day or gallivanting around the city. 

Now that things are more or less settled, there are a ton of things that I want to do, but it's imperative that I do things on time. Eight hours of daydreaming is not healthy and I'm not exaggerating. If left to my own devices, I can go on thinking about things for hours and hours.

I also have three new books- one by Nadine Gordimer, who I've always wanted to read, Rumpole by John Mortimer and The Kalahari Typing School For Men by Alexander Mccall Smith. These are all used books, so I got them cheap and I guess I really shouldn't keep buying books, given the lack of space and money that I don't have ( to spend on books!) But ah well, we all know how that's going to go.

I realise my blog has now started reading like an open diary ( an open diary with bad grammar) and maybe I'll go fancy and theme my posts. Or maybe not. Whatever.


CheshireCat said…
Gallivanting is such a nice word.
Like "bhak!". :)

Also, dibs on the Alexander McCall Smith.Want it in December.
Reeti said…
I haven't said "bhak" to anyone in ages :(

And when will you reply to my email?
the Lonestar said…
Hellooo. How have you been. And I'm going to reply too. :)
Nadine Gordimer! Ki boi re?
Reeti said…
July's people. Very engaging read :)