Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Goals?

These were my goals for the year :

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Have a great 2010!

Here are my New Year Resolutions.

1. Read more; eat less junk food.
2. Spend less time procrastinating.
3. Write for * Insert Name when published*. I've been published in The Traveler's Notebook !
4. Finish Human Rights Certificate course and Travel writing course successfully.
5. Graduate with a first.
6. Study anthropology. 
7. Get funds to travel :D

The reason I list my goals ( and it sometimes seems a rather stupid thing to do, to be honest) is because I can then hold myself accountable. I lose pieces of paper and the blog seems a really good way to keep track of my goals.

So I start again from goal 1.

1. Learn more politics and geography.
2. Graduate with a distinction in Anthropology.
3. Get more funds to travel ( Scotland, Africa), specifically.
4. Work with a human rights organisation.
5. Get published in 5  new newspapers and 5 literary magazines in the U.K
6. Not date anyone till I hand in my dissertation.
(This one is exceedingly important given my affinity to dysfunctional relationships)
7. Decide whether I want to study further/ work. If so, have a plan for each.
8. Win a very very prestigious essay competition ( Insert name if published).
9. Work really hard towards improving my writing and read as widely as possible.


Tattva said...

*jaw drop*

Reeti said...

heh, hardly. I'm so disorganised that I keep needing to re-evaluate my things to do. The list isn't rigid though :)

Magically Bored said...

Here's hoping you achieve all that. :)