I came back from Scotland to Calcutta on the 23rd and have been meeting people nonstop ever since. While it's always great to catch up with people, I feel like I don't have enough breathing space. I think I've gotten so used to a solitary existence that not having a lot of time to myself has really begun to bother me.

Scotland was amazing and I think I'm going to go back next summer. I have written some fiction and non fiction while I was in Scotland and I'll put it up on my blog once it has done its fair rounds in terms of publication. I'll also write about the classes, if you're interested in knowing what they're about.

I have a portfolio to finish, optionals to choose from and basically, read as much as I can. I've been thinking seriously about my writing of late and my creative writing tutor advised me to keep working on my poetry and short stories. I'd also like to keep my journalism alive, but I've decided to compromise as little as possible as far as my writing is concerned. I like authenticity in writing, and often one is forced to write differently to suit the tone of a newspaper/ literary magazine.

While I may choose to write differently as  writing exercise, I'm pretty sure that I want to keep my own writing voice alive as well.