Do not laugh while crossing the road!

So my friends Mrinalini, Sohini and Saumyashree and I met up for a cup of coffee early this afternoon. After being literally thrown out of Cafe Coffee Day, Golpark, we decided to try and cross the road. Anyone who knows me in meatspace ( which is just a fake, pretentious/ cool way of saying "real" life) knows that when it comes to crossing roads, I plain suck. I'm completely paranoid about crossing roads and poor Soumyasree was left to deal with my paranoia because the other two had lurched ahead.

Saumyashree tried to drag me by the arm and said Aye Aye (which is Bengali for let's go!). Suddenly, this old man in a grey safari suit appeared out of nowhere. In my opinion, he looked a bit like Moonface from the Enid Blyton novels.

Safari Suit Uncle (henceforth referred to as SSU) :

SSU: Aye, Aye bolo na, theek kore na dekhle Naye Naye hoye jaabe ( Don't say yes, yes. If you're not careful, the yes will turn into oh no!)

In the meantime, Saumyashree and I are trying to suppress giggles.

SSU : Mone rekho, amader desh ta borabori borbor ( Remember, our country has always been barbaric) aar tomra hoccho shei desher odhibashi othoba odhibashini (And you are that country's resident).

Us : Still giggling and trying to cross the road-

SSU : Ei Meyera Shono Shono ( Here! Girls! listen to me!)

SSU : ( more frantically) Shono Shono Shono! ( Listen Listen Listen!)

By which time, Saumyashree and I had burst into loud guffaws. Safari Suit Uncle looked most disapproving. Girls these days, he must have thought to himself.


the Lonestar said…
"Mone rekho, amader desh ta borabori borbor, aar tomra hoccho shei desher odhibashi othoba odhibashini." :D :D
Eita amar bohudin mone thakbe! But it was a much needed get together.
Minka said…
What wonderfully strange people you meet on the streets of Kolkata.You should also try and visit the Jadavpur Coffee House in the late evenings.There is an old man who sits there for hours making random conversations with whoever he takes a fancy to.Last time I went there,he was busy talking about Triguna Sen and the Football World Cup!
CheshireCat said…
This was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. :P
"Amader desh ta borabori borbor" is right up there with "Life is like Howrah station" and such other classics. :D
Magically Bored said…
Haha! This incident made me laugh.
This time around, when I was flying back from Delhi, the man in the seat next to me asked me if I was studying Management, I said no, I was in college, then he said, "Oh, I thought you were in class XI!"
I was left speechless.