What's on my plate

Since I  possess a terrible ( bordering on nonexistent) sense of humour, I shall tell you what exactly *is* on my plate.

1 Chapati or rooti
2. I bowl of daal.

Metaphorically speaking, I need to finish 1. An NGO Report 2. An article 3. Another grant application and 4. A personal essay that I've been meaning to write for  a very long time. The essay requires some background research, so I've been putting it off for as long as possible.

For those of you who know me in meatspace and are wondering where I've disappeared, well I've been a bit unwell and have been going to the doctor almost twice a week. What has happened is not scary or life-threatening but requires immediate attention. I wish I could say I've been bumming around and having fun and I was until I fell supersick, but I think it's time I got some rest. I fall sick at the drop of a hat, so I've been relaxing at home, watching tv and reading. Talking of reading, do any of you have book recommendations? I'd love a list!


jellyfish said…
have you read Toni Morrison? I don't mean Beloved. You could try Sula, or Tar Baby, or Jazz.
Reeti said…
I've read Sula and Jazz, must read Tar Baby :)
Priyanka said…
Ryszard Kapuscinski. I have a feeling you'll like him.
Reeti said…
thanks priyanka. You were also supposed to give me a one minute movie list!