My thoughts on writing

My good friend, Alyssa Martino wanted to know about what got me started on writing for her Writers on Writing series. I thought the idea for the series is delightful because I'm always curious to know what other people are thinking when they write and why they write.  Here is an excerpt :

"I started writing when I was seven. I was reading “Anne Frank : The Diary of A Young Girl” at the time and I decided to write a journal like hers. I was always interested in biographical information and the fact that a girl only five years older than I was had died–and for no fault of hers–began to haunt me. My elder brother, who has always been interested in history and biographies, was the first person to tell me about the holocaust and its implications. I remember asking him why Jews were singled out and discriminated against (not the exact words of course, but using a seven year old’s vocabulary!) because it was unfathomable, even then, to realise why human beings would want to kill each other."

You can read the full interview here