The Day's musings.

My parents are finally back from their trip to South Africa. Presents I've got:

1. A dreamcatcher ( from Ma)
2. A magnet from Baba which says : " I love mornings...I just wish they came later in the day ( how apt!)
3. A nice pair of earrings.
4. Another pair of earrings from my globe-trotting brother and sister-in-law.

 Ma has been jet lagged and is sleeping most of the day away. Baba, on the other hand, has been fiddling with the latest gadget he has acquired. When I teased him about his gadget obsession, he quipped, "The way to distinguish between men and boys are by the price of their toys" and subsequently squished my packet of very difficulty-procured-Tang. By the way, I love Tang. Those of you who love me should provide a month's supply of lemon Tang. 

I  bought churan ( ram laddoo) and ate copious quantities, but Baba beat me to it and polished most of it off. I also ate three kohitur mangoes, which in my opinion, are THE best mangoes on earth!

I was flipping the TV Channels today and one particular channel said, "Dracula dead and loving it". The   next thing that flashed in my mind was an incident that occurred a couple of days ago. I had fallen asleep near the computer ( hey! It was three a.m) and woke up to find Tipu, sitting upright, guarding a dead fruit-bat. The fruit bat's wings were torn and Tipu had bludgeoned it to death, but was still not satisfied. He kept pouncing on it time and again and when I scolded him for it, he snarled at me. The fruit bat has its backstory as well.

Earlier that day, Tipu had been chasing the bat and growling at it. My dog is very territorial and cannot stand other animals in his domain. To top it all, bats are not exactly his favourite mammals. He tried very hard to pounce on it, but the bat hung from the fan, very far from his reach. About thirteen hours later, Tipu had managed to kill it and was very happy with his bounty. This isn't the first time he's killed an animal- he's killed rats, squirrels and even bats before. I think my dog's a serial killer. *shudder*. 

In other news, I have gotten NO work done. I was meaning to pitch articles etcetera but I was too busy   reading " Adrian Mole- The prostrate years".  I've also realised that I have little or no knowledge when it comes to the kind of journalism I want to do. I've been very conflicted of late- Should I just go with the flow and not be too picky or should I have the knowhow before I plunge into something? I've come to the conclusion that I should try and strike a balance between the two.

Tomorrow onwards, I will also continue my one-on-one interviews with interesting people :)


Magically Bored said…
Like the new blog look!
And now I want Orange Tang. :-(
Reeti said…
Thanks! I have loads and loads of orange tang at home now! Guess the blog shoutout really works