Summer Tales

So I couldn't vote today, for the second time running. My name didn't show up in the electoral roll, much to my chagrin. I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit guilty when I saw my brother's ink-stained hands. I know it's choosing between the devil and the deep sea, but if I don't agree with one party's social beliefs,  I may not agree with another's economic beliefs. Still, it's better to just go out there and vote because unless I've done my bit, I can't simply sit back and crib. Besides, I might have had a chance to cancel out at least one person's vote.

Talking of votes, I was coming back home in a cab the other day and the old gentleman driving the cab had some very interesting things to say to me. He complained about how the hawkers had been dislocated (after conjecturing that the hawkers had failed to pay a designated sum of money to the government as bribe and were asked to move). Interestingly, he called the C.P.I.M Chor Party of India ( Majority). The insights one gets just from talking to people.
I read an article the other day about adopting special needs pets and I think I'd like to take care of them as soon as I have my own house. I've always imagined my life to be one of incessant travel and most animals hate it if they are lugged around from one place to another. I'll have to figure out a way I guess, but this rates high on my list of priorities.
I have been watching Castle obsessively. Not only do I think that Nathan Fillion is super-cute and swashbuckling, but we finally have a female character on television who is not a wimp and who cares more about what she's like than the clothes she wears -for the record : there's nothing wrong with people obsessing about clothes-it's just that not everyone is into obsessive retail therapy and it's high time a mainstream TV-series acknowledged that. That doesn't stop Stana Katic from wearing the most stylish jackets though. However, I've seen those jackets worn by regular girls in Boston and San Francisco and it doesn't look like something that Donatella Versace would wear. Personally, I would compare this kind of a phenomenon to something that Kal Pann had to go through. The poor fellow was called Taj Mahal in one of his films. Taj Mahal. Imagine that! Similarly, even a half attractive woman has to be dolled up and has to fit a certain mould which I find excessively annoying. Castle is not without its flaws, but as a mainstream drama, I think it's doing quite well for itself. I have also converted at least 3 people into die- hard fans and am very pleased with myself for doing so.

Exams are finally over and apart from the mountain of paperwork that I need to wade through, I have a feeling it'll be a good summer.