Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outlining, Term Papers and the superstar Dog.

Let's start with the dog first. He steals my chocolate, sleeps on my bed ( wait, that's being too polite- Pushes me out of bed) and then  goes on to look perfectly innocent about the whole thing. He also hates the smell of cigars and gnashes his teeth when Baba gets near him after smoking one. The funniest thing to observe is the Tipu- Baba equation. No matter what time of the day, it always has me in splits. 
Me : Baba, what are you doing?
Baba: Giving him pudin hara*, what else? 
Hmm, like that's the most normal thing to feed a dog. No wonder Tipu looked at me incredulously. 
Tipu himself is pretty unique. He's very fussy about his food and won't eat unless you pour olive oil  on his food or give him half a mishti or whatever it is that you're eating. He's a great believer in equality, that dog is.
*** Outlining- Not for an article, which I find easier to do, but for a term paper. I find it very difficult to outline for a term paper and in moments of self-doubt I even ask myself how I've managed to write even a single one. Term papers make me nervous. Structures make me nervous and I feel very incompetent. And this semester ( which is the last semester of my graduation, hopefully!) I have to write not one, but two term papers. I'm working on the one for my course on Tempest and its Aftermath, after which I need to get cracking on The Literature and Censorship course. 
I'm consoling myself knowing that there's a lot of travel lined up July onwards and tons of free time ( which I shall be spending writing, learning photography and doing other things I love). I can't wait for this semester to get over!

*For the uninitiated, Pudin Hara is a little green sparkly mint medicine. It's herbal.


AbhijanB said...

your dog sounds like a stand up fellow.

Magically Bored said...

My cat is the same, though she doesn't push me out of bed, at least.
But she does look at me longingly till I give her a bit of whatever it is I'm eating.
Animals, I tell you. Sometimes I think SHE's my master, and not the other way round!

rukmini said...

I'm happy to admit I've had good luck with your dog so far :)