I'd like to introduce an interview section on my blog- I've already interviewed Gabriel and I'd like to feature common people with a passion for what they do/ who they are. The fun thing about being a wordsmith ( it sounds cooler than writer) is that you get to hear other people's stories. I'm also up for interviewing absolutely anyone who would like to be featured here. 

Now's the part where you come in :

Would you like me to restrict my interviewing to a particular set of professionals (say writers or artists) or would you like to read about anyone with a story to tell?  Readers, please delurk, your comments are of utmost importance here.


storyteller said…
I'd personally like to read any interview featuring artists of all types.But anyone willing to tell something interesting should be more than welcome :)
Safdar said…
ya, i think Interesting should be the most important criteria.someone Anyone would like to read about.

and what should be As importance is the interesting quotient of the questions asked.

it shall be good fun,im sure.
the soliloquist said…
I think anyone with a story to tell should be allowed a story (or an interview).
But,of course, issuptoyou.

P.S. "wordsmith" is so much cooler. I shall steal. =)