I had mild fever yesterday and I knew I could crank out a 1,000 word article and then another once I got home after Mrinalini's birthday treat. We've been friends for ever ( I think I was four when I broke her mudcastle and then she broke mine and a friendship was sealed then and there). However,the treat was not to be because after waiting at the KMR for almost two and a half hours and being blinded by the sun, I had to be supported home. I kid you not. All my I-can-do-without-your-help-thank-you-very-much went down the drain because I could barely walk.

I'm one of those people who never get work done on time. I laze around, have random conversations, make new friends while I'm supposed to be working and I enjoy all of it, and then at the eleventh hour, when I'm absolutely panic stricken, I begin to work.

Yesterday was not an exception. I'm quite confident that I'd have my assignments ready for submission by the crack of dawn. But the fever and the dizzying headache got to me and the parents were out of town. So I decided to sleep it off and woke up with an even worse migrane. Maybe it's time to spread out work more evenly. That way I'm going to stress out less. I hate stressing, but I invariable end up doing so.

My best friend from school told me a very sad story today. It's really depressed me. I know I want to do something about it, even if my contribution is miniscule.


I got super news today but I hope it get's better! *fingers crossed*


Magically Bored said…
Procastinators of the world, unite!
Reeti said…
@ Tuna : You have nothing to lose but your brains?