Life, as is.

Age : 21

Time : 10.55 a.m

Mood : Pensive

Food : 4 pieces of Guava, One jam toast, three pieces of cucumber.

Reading : Dead Dad Diaries by Lydia Prior.

Sift through grandfather's notebook. Meticulously listed number. Dead friends. Dead relatives. Dead companions. Some names have been scratched out with pencil. Others, too recent to have been left out.

Notice arms and legs. Considerably thinner.

Age : 83

Mood : Relaxed.

Food : One chocolate boat. Struggling to eat. Chewing. failing.


Reeti said…
Cried buckets after :(
Anonymous said…
this is a really nice post Reeti. I can relate to your observations of watching someone older and reflecting on their life and your own. lovely.
Reeti said…
@rebecca : thanks :)
Minka said…
So insightful.Loved this post.