An Ode to Love

Loving happens in snatches. Kaleidoscopic fragments scattered all over like tiny reflecting glittering pieces of glass. With love accompanies the warm and fuzzy feeling of golden brown chocolate cake, fresh out of the oven. Loving means to throw that intense look of hatred towards your friend when she doesn't do your bidding. Loving means to be irritated with your daughter or hugging your partner at the end of a long day at work. Love is when groups of crows gather together to mourn the loss of a loved one. Love is to see your dog wagging its tail and showering unconditional love on you. Love means to have a long gchat talk with your sister. Loving means ridiculing your soul sister. Loving is to indulge your granddaughter. Loving is to admire your professor from a distance, wishing you could be half the human being that he is. Love means to see and feel and think as someone else does. And finally, loving is to be shocked, surprised and elated at streaks of generosity and kindness when it is least expected.  Loving means to know you'll never make it; but you are just happy with everything you've got. So much love ends in such happymaking!


Anonymous said…
dat seem to be somthing right frm the heart....nice !!!
Rudrani said…
An ode which is sweet and heartwarming without being mushy and corny.
Aww "awl" the way!
the Lonestar said…
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Vagabond said…
"Loving means to know you'll never make it; but you are just happy with everything you've got."

True, how true.
the soliloquist said…
You know those once-in-a-while blogposts that's absolutely heart-warming?
This is one of them.
That was deep...really deep.
storyteller said…
This is indeed very cute :P