Taking Stock and turning 21

I've been tagged by various friends at various points of time (on facebook and on the blog), to do a kind of round up of the successes and failures of 2009. This is not the exact tag, because I feel like I have too much to say.

First up, apologies for being away far too long. In my defence, I have been sick. The sickness has escalated to a point where I have completely lost my voice. I haven't been able to speak almost at all for the last two weeks. This has made me think about the importance of my vocal chords- and I've been thinking about this for a while- I'm going to learn sign language in 2010. Since I'm very negative, let's begin with the failures :) However, it has been a very good year.
1. Not completing Italian course.
2. Not sustaining music lessons (as I had pledged to do earlier this year.)
3. Not being as forgiving as I'd like to have been.
4. Related to #3 : not controlling bad temper.
5. Being too sick too often (that isn't my fault, but I could've eaten less icecream given that I know I have pharyngitis.)
6. Not going out enough.
7. Not presenting an academic paper. 
1. Being a good daughter, sister, grand kid, niece and friend. Lots of scope for improvement but still, one of the biggest successes of the year.
2. Filing my own taxes (although I'm still below taxable income).
3. Being published in most of the places I wanted to be published in- The Statesman, Trans World Features, Ultraviolet, Matador Change, Matador Goods, Femina and Fotoflock.
4. Winning and conducting Quizzes.
5. Winning a coveted Scholarship to a Travel Writing Programme that I badly wanted to  be a part of (and not chickening out even though I badly wanted to throw up.)
6. Working with Julie and Aditya, inspiring editors who honed my skills and helped me understand what kind of a journalist I want to be.
7. Studying as hard as I had wanted to and reading lots.


julie said…

Congratulations! Definitely keep focusing on all your successes- you're so talented and skilled, kind and energetic. I really enjoy working with you.
storyteller said…
Woah! :( I am getting a complex now :|
Anushka said…
But that sounds so.... boro.
raghu said…
successes of heavy over weigh the failures!
what kind of quizzes do u conduct?
raghu said…
oh god my last comment does not make sense! anyway i wanted to say you had a good 2009 :D
Reeti said…
@ julie : thanks julie! it's a pleasure working with you :)

@storyteller: dhat!

@ anushkaq : I know! OLDHAG :(

@ Raghu : thanks. It's not a professional thing really. My friend is a quiz teacher at a school- conducted it at his request :)