The Danger of a single story- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I've often been surrounded by people who launch into polemics at the drop of a hat. Not putting anyone else down, but I find that disturbing, not to mention downright irritating. The video I'm posting here, therefore, turned out to be quite refreshing. Adichie talks about how we are so quick to stereotype and make value judgements instead of trying to think of things in a balanced, rational fashion. Adichie calls herself a "happy feminist"  and celebrates women's achievements and pushes for women's rights the world over. I'm reading her brilliant novel Half of A Yellow Sun now. I'm adding her to my List of People I Admire The Most.

Watch the video here :


precisely said…
Brilliant talk. I've added her to my List of People I Admire the Most, too. Will get my hands on her book.