Today's my day off and I get to read, have a looong rejuvenating bath and then trot off to meet a fantastic person  :D Yay!

My dad went shopping yesterday and found a peasant blouse that he thought would look great on me. I absolutely love the blouse and I'm going to be all dressed up for the fancy dinner tonight :) I had considered working on my applications today, but  decided that I needed to catch up on my reading and reply to tons of emails from friends and family.

Tomorrow, we wrap up our Macbeth project and the big presentation is on Tuesday.

I've met all pending deadlines and today's a reason to celebrate. It's back to the grind from Monday. I've also decided that I will take one day of the week off, no matter how much there is to do.


Elendil said…
You're such a true Capricorn. All I do all week is waste time. Read this, and contrast it with this :P -

I sometimes wonder if there's any truth in this zodiac nonsense afterall.
Reeti said…

No, there is no truth in it at all :P I admire your ability to balance everything, my life is always so lopsided :(

Ah well, the grass is always greener on the other side [ I needed to use this cliche SOMEWHERE]