The need for a Blog Post.

The need to blog today stems from the fact that this blog has been dormant for quite sometime. Earlier, I was the proud owner of a sleek journal where I'd pen fragments and thoughts. And then, a poem I'd once written mysteriously appeared on some else's blog and that too, AFTER I had trusted the person and showed her my creative endeavour. That's when I decided to start my own blog and put up poetry there. Saptarshi (who is a friend now, but who I didn't know at all back then) was one of the first people to comment on that blog - aptly named An Ordeal By Innocence. The blog housed poetry that turns my ears red from embarrassment everytime I think of them. But looking back, it served its purpose and proved cathartic to an emotional, angst-ridden teenager.

That blog, despite all its bad writing taught me to let go - of things that had lost their meaning, of friends who had become strangers, of relationships that hurt more than healed. Slowly I learnt that it was more important to be sensitive than sensational, to be intuitive than intelligent. I learnt that I admire people who are actively involved in addressing problems and coming up with solutions for them. And finally and most importantly, I learnt that it was possible to be happy even when everything was seemingly wrong.

While this might seem trivial, writing taught me to fight my own demons. Later that year, I went on a trip to the mountain and overcame my fear of heights by rappelling down the mountain. It wasn't a big deal but it was a Herculean task for me and I did it nevertheless. That was step two.

Today is Blog Action Day* (Yea, I didn't know that myself. Google told me) and millions of people around the world are talking about how they think they can contribute to the world. It's taken me almost three years to know exactly what I want to do, where I fit in and how I can help and while I'm not going to talk at length about anything specific, I do know that nurturing positivity can be by doing anything - it might be trying to teach a child how to build a fire, it might be learning to fly kites, it might be trying to fight poverty. What can You do to facilitate positivity the world over? It's worth thinking about.

* The Theme this year is Climate Change


T1 Rex said…
I hope that you'll continue to write and post. Climate change may be the perfect topic, as there is lots to say and the need is great.

We're all blogging today on climate change in support of Blog Action Day '09. My post is “Banish Vampires To Reduce Global Warming” at