And Life is Good

So I've been working on a presentation and writing paragraph after paragraph and surprisingly, I'm thrilled to bits. I don't mind at all. We're working on a group presentation on the Cultural Adaptations of Macbeth with a focus on Asia and we're having a lot of fun digging up little known facts and putting together an audio-visual presentation.

I am also working on a writing assignment that I can't talk about- I'm SUPER excited about it and if it turns out the way I want it to, I'll link it here, on my blog. I'll be interviewing an incredible person tomorrow and I can't wait for tomorrow to begin. Also, I really love my editors. I've worked with some particularly nasty ones and I'm glad that the ones that I work with now are not only wonderful editors, but wonderful and sensitive human beings as well.

Last Diwali I wasn't in town and last to last Diwali I spent at home, sulking and carrying on an ISD conversation that I had no wish to be a part of. I'm so glad that this time it's all going to be different. Happy Diwali everyone. Light a candle for the special people in your lives :)

** Edits- This one's turning out to be a really crappy one too.


the soliloquist said…
We be having a lot of fun with our project too. We have been meeting up every other day to photograph, photoshop, sketch and argue about ideas.
It's very satisfying. :D
Anonymous said…
Satisfying? Really? :P
Reeti said…
:) Good to hear that both of you are having fun with your projects. Lot's of experimentation happening?
the soliloquist said…
I meant creative satisfaction. :)