Frailty, thy name is Procrastination

I am procrastinating on:

1. Revising an article that has been in my inbox for a month now.

2. Reading Marcel Mauss's The Gift

3. Listing Story ideas and filing clips.

And you?


precisely said…
1. Working my way through a backlog of texts and criticism that have accumulated over the semester so far.

2. Putting my clothes back where they belong (in the wardrobe). They are currently draped over chairs and piled unceremoniously on my bed.

3. Going to the bank.

4. Going to BCL.

5. Going to the parlour.

6. Going to GD market - which is a stone's throw away from my house, as you know - to buy certain essentials which I have no idea how I'm doing without.

7. Going to Metro Plaza to buy a few pairs of flip-flops.

I hope you realise that you're considerably better off than I am, procrastination-wise.