Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday...Bloody Sunday.

1."The more people I meet...the more I love my dog"
2. I prefer watching mindless television as opposed to listening to people's bullshit.
3. 8th Day has published their own version of
Elephants Will Remember and have called it " Those Elephants". I am most displeased with their editing. I think I shall stop sending my writing to 8th Day.
4. I don't want any more altercations. Too drained out.
5. I have a test to study for *sigh*


Astraeus said...

"The more people I meet...the more I love my dog"


C R D said...

hehe.. seems im not the only one who loves my dog more and more everyday :P...okay now im being a lil unfair...Rocky has been lovable ever since he was a pup

I dunt get to watch tv much nowadays...courtesy damn MBA lectures :( Hell lotta bull trust me!!


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