Rainy Day Song

My friend Aamil told me today that the weather is making him feel exceptionally gloomy. I tried to cheer him up but when I sat down to think about it, I realised that I felt pretty much the same way. He sent me a song. A very familiar song.

"Hey jude, dont make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart,
then you can start to make it better.
Hey jude, dont be afraid.
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin,
then you begin to make it better. "

I've probably heard the song millions and billions of times before but I've never actually thought about the lyrics as much as I did today. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've been sheafing through old scrapbooks and looking at grease-covered pictures of my twelve year old self. It's amazing how age has made me shy away from excellence and perfection. How idealism has been replaced by cynicism.This city has become a city of fragmented dreams,once conjured and of desires,once desired with a pure heart.The invincible demeanour ,the indomitable spirit and the quench for perfection are mere shadows of the Christmas past.

I found a picture of me smiling. A goofy, wide mouthed grin. Standing next to me was the only boy that I have truly loved. The only perfect love.

Maybe, just maybe there's still time to take a sad song and make it better. That's what keeps me going. That glimmer of hope. That one day, I will strive for perfection...again.


(this is a nice mellow cover)


saptarshi said…
:) Sounds familiar.

You know. I think the happy note is in the realisation. In being aware when you compromise. And not losing sight of perfection. The very fact that you don't take mediocrity to be the way of life.

That is where you live. In your fight.

Don't you think?
The Exinator said…
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The Exinator said…
Holy Christ! Why is it that the only happy words I could find in your post were Aamil and Aamil?? o.O Stop whining like a loser and go cook me a meal :). im dropping in!
hmm...yes...the bubbliness of childhood gets bogged down by the boundaries set up by the world we see as we grow up...

though its not necessarily a bad thing...it gives us the opportunity to make things better than they already are :)