Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bumblebee Fetish

My new fetish is The Bumblebee Fetish. It is much stronger than the Butterfly Fetish. The Bumblebee must be black with magenta wings. It may not be virtual and it maybe prone to virulent attacks of madness.
Here are the instances of two innocent bystanders who fell prey to my bumblebee obsession.
Innocent Bystander 1
what bumble bee?
me: any bumble bee. you have?
saptarshi: Not much i have been running out of supplies lately
00:45 specially the yellow ones with the black twirls, unno?
me: i want a black one with magenta swirls
saptarshi: magenta, did you say? Wait.00:46 me: yes
saptarshi: Now, in our times, i do remember my grandpa gifting me one of those on my 21st birthday.
me: ohh?
saptarshi: My graduation gift of sorts
But i havent seen one in a long long time now.00:47
me: i see
saptarshi: Sad. Really. The way things are going thses days.00:48
No magenta twirl bumble bee at awl!
me: can you look in the attic? maybe it's hidden away with the silverfish?
saptarshi: Oh no. My old bones wont let me. I would have been the kid climbing coconut trees if you had seen me back then, not now.
Oh no. :(
00:49 The silver fish is covered with black soots of silver suphide. Pollution.
00:50 (what a sad sad digression)
00:51 me: what a sordid observation!
but splendid contemplation :P
Innocent Bystander 2
why do you want a bumblebee?
me: i wanta black bumblebee with magenta swirls.
Bumblebee fetish
priyanka.kumar23: i thought it was butterflies?
me: now it's bumblebees.Butterflies make people happy
bumblebees make people feel crappy.after they're done with them
priyanka.kumar23: so you want a bumblebee?

me: so you see?
priyanka.kumar23: which you can let fly at people

Ahh yes...I would very much like that.


Elendil said...

I'm sure you can get a nice stuffed toy to fulfill your wishes. But black and magenta, I don't know :P

Ps: Try writing in larger script.

Reeti said...

Prayag, you just burst my bumble...I mean bubble

The tiny script was deliberate.

Anwin Joselyn said...

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Tygr Tygr Burning Bright said...

how do i track vistors to my blog?

Reeti said...

google this: "feedjit" and add it to your blog. It'll make it Ugly As Hell, but you can track people spying on you :)

saptarshi said...

Oh no! :D