Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Goals?

These were my goals for the year :

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Have a great 2010!

Here are my New Year Resolutions.

1. Read more; eat less junk food.
2. Spend less time procrastinating.
3. Write for * Insert Name when published*. I've been published in The Traveler's Notebook !
4. Finish Human Rights Certificate course and Travel writing course successfully.
5. Graduate with a first.
6. Study anthropology. 
7. Get funds to travel :D

The reason I list my goals ( and it sometimes seems a rather stupid thing to do, to be honest) is because I can then hold myself accountable. I lose pieces of paper and the blog seems a really good way to keep track of my goals.

So I start again from goal 1.

1. Learn more politics and geography.
2. Graduate with a distinction in Anthropology.
3. Get more funds to travel ( Scotland, Africa), specifically.
4. Work with a human rights organisation.
5. Get published in 5  new newspapers and 5 literary magazines in the U.K
6. Not date anyone till I hand in my dissertation.
(This one is exceedingly important given my affinity to dysfunctional relationships)
7. Decide whether I want to study further/ work. If so, have a plan for each.
8. Win a very very prestigious essay competition ( Insert name if published).
9. Work really hard towards improving my writing and read as widely as possible.


I came back from Scotland to Calcutta on the 23rd and have been meeting people nonstop ever since. While it's always great to catch up with people, I feel like I don't have enough breathing space. I think I've gotten so used to a solitary existence that not having a lot of time to myself has really begun to bother me.

Scotland was amazing and I think I'm going to go back next summer. I have written some fiction and non fiction while I was in Scotland and I'll put it up on my blog once it has done its fair rounds in terms of publication. I'll also write about the classes, if you're interested in knowing what they're about.

I have a portfolio to finish, optionals to choose from and basically, read as much as I can. I've been thinking seriously about my writing of late and my creative writing tutor advised me to keep working on my poetry and short stories. I'd also like to keep my journalism alive, but I've decided to compromise as little as possible as far as my writing is concerned. I like authenticity in writing, and often one is forced to write differently to suit the tone of a newspaper/ literary magazine.

While I may choose to write differently as  writing exercise, I'm pretty sure that I want to keep my own writing voice alive as well.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter from Scotland- written on August 2

Originally, written as an email, but posted here for those of you who have been wondering what I've up to :

So I arrived here in Edinburgh only yesterday, but it seems like I could stay here forever. The place is absolutely gorgeous and when landing, all I could see was green everywhere. That, and huge castles and fortresses. I'm staying at the Pollock Halls of Residence, in Baird House. Breakfast and Dinner are served within the Pollock Halls and I will eat lunch at the Library Cafe in St George Square.

I'm usually not a cat person at all, but this cat is moody, temperamental and really fascinating. It actually comes up to you and Asks to be pet!

The other students from the Creative Writing course haven't arrived as yet, so it's just me and this girl called Anna. Anna has been attending the Scottish Literature programme as well and like me, has majored in English Literature. She's actually double majored- in English Literature and Music. Her senior thesis was comparing northern ragas to jazz! So you can see how she and I would get along just fine.

I was driven to the Pollock Halls of Residence by a gregarious scotsman who told me how busy August gets here in Edinburgh. He started off by referring to me as pal, but had graduated to calling me darling and sweetheart, perhaps prompted by by complete lack of knowhow of the city ( Example : There's not a thing I don't know about this city, sweetheart/ You have fun in edinburgh darling). That was my " I'm feeling like a two year old now" moment, but I was glad to have some decent company after a rather horrendous flight, where three cranky, impolite kids behaved horribly and one of them snatched my blanket. Ma, how come you never gave us permission to be like this? :O

My room has a pink bedspread, a washbasin, a mirror and a rather large cupboard. It looks a lot like my butterfly room back home, except that it's much bigger. Every evening, men in kilts ( and women in skirts) gather together to play  bagpipes.

I met my course coordinators over dinner last night and a Turkish girl called Begum. Later on, we found out that we're in adjacent rooms, so we're neighbours! 

Today, I get to potter around and explore the place a bit before a reception, which will involve meeting my classmates and tutor.

I don't know how much time I'll get once the course begins, but I'll try to keep you updated as and when possible.